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I couldn't figure out how to set the language to English. :(

After you click "Novo jogo" there is a prompt asking you to choose the language. I'll remember to make this clear next time!

Really interesting story, I didn't expect that ending!

thanks! Mono-Puma and I will be working on more similar stories! :D

Gosh. I love the game so much and  plot twist was just shocking. Thanks for the game

Got both endings! I loved the game and Marie is adorable. I'm also very happy for the developers being brazilian, pátria amada 

Spooky and fun! I’m not sure if I got the best ending, but I enjoyed what I played. Thanks for making and sharing it!

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I tried to play the game but I'm definitely stuck on the left side of the room that needs 4 numbers code but I opened it for a couple of minutes. However, I don't know if there's another ending if I did access the patient's files on the computer (it is still difficult and doesn't have many clues to access) but I got the ending wherein I stabbed Carl (that it should not suppose to be?)

The game was superb and has a lot to offer! I want to explore the whole area of the game soon.

Hi! Thank you very much for playing, a bug was found that prevented some players from getting a crucial item, it's fixed now. About the patient's files... A second playthrough is a good way to fish this information /o/

They are 4 chars codes as in _ _ _ _ that you find in the first part of the game, before locking the door. Then your brain must work them to 8 digits \o\

Interesting game with a cool story, I was kinda hesitant because I lost faith in the "Mental hospital" setting but this is a refreshing take and gotta say the most amazing point about this game is the incredible puzzles it has. I been playing indie games for a while now and this game has one of the best puzzles I have ever seen.

Great job!


Thanks, it's really good to know we are going in the right direction with something we love. I'm very happy that you had fun, you just made my day!