A more happy take in Life is Strange before the storm episode 3, no deaths, just fluff! The story is about Rachel meeting Sera and deciding what to do next.  Will Sera move to Arcadia Bay and be Rachel's mom forever? Will Rachel's father call the cops? Will Joyce and Sera fall in love? Who knows...

This DEMO is just the first part of the game, very short. Please let me know if you think it has potential!

What will improve: sound FX will be made and add, art will be made and add, easter eggs will be included, at least 2 endings. 

Found a glitch/bug? Report here in the comments, I'll try to fix it!

Found a typo? My English is not the best, send me a printscreen and I'll fix it! I'm also looking for a beta-reader, let me know if you are interested.

Thanks for playing, have fun!

UPDATE 20191130: Fixed a glitch that prevents the player to exit Chloe's house, thanks to snape_potions_34 for reporting!

Update: The super nice JaminTheSandwich helpped me fix A LOT of typos, so I reuploaded the demo with the typos fixed, and now Linux and Mac versions!

Update29/12/2018: Game finished! Thank you very much for helping me on this journey! Game on!

Special thanks to Laura Maia aka @kurohiror for motivating me all the way!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsheaven-is-full, Lesbian, life-is-strange, Romance, rpgmmv, Yuri


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uh it's not in English

web version i mean

It's just the menus, I'm trying to change the language... the game text is in english and you wont need the menus much...

i cant run it on android any advice

Hi, I'm having trouble with the android file export, sorry about that. You can ran it on web tho, on your android device...

I found a glitch. If you try to enter Chloe's house after you leave it, you're stuck.

oh, thanks! could you be more specific about the moment in the game this happens? Is it after breakfast?

Yeah, anytime after breakfast, if you enter the house, then you can't leave the kitchen/dining area, you can't even go upstairs.

thank you very much, I'll fix that =D

This is a really interesting game so far. I'd definitely want to play the full version to find out what happens.

I found a few typos and so what I've done is to compile them all together into a PDF, with screenshots, and upload it here. Let me know if you have any issues accessing it.

Thank you very much! You are amazing! I'll fix this all and work on new ones, lol XD This game will be finished, just wait for it X3/