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I found a glitch. If you try to enter Chloe's house after you leave it, you're stuck.

oh, thanks! could you be more specific about the moment in the game this happens? Is it after breakfast?

Yeah, anytime after breakfast, if you enter the house, then you can't leave the kitchen/dining area, you can't even go upstairs.

thank you very much, I'll fix that =D

This is a really interesting game so far. I'd definitely want to play the full version to find out what happens.

I found a few typos and so what I've done is to compile them all together into a PDF, with screenshots, and upload it here. Let me know if you have any issues accessing it.

Thank you very much! You are amazing! I'll fix this all and work on new ones, lol XD This game will be finished, just wait for it X3/